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Who Would Have Thunk!

Yes! Who would have thunk that the world would be totally different in 2020! Of course, I should have written; who would have THOUGHT; but today as I write my very first BLOG, I feel like I can conquer the world and the blank space is my domain! We are in a new world of a new disease we have NEVER heard of before!

We are very concerned...YES! However, God does not give us the spirit of FEAR! Take this time to RE-SET and find your WHY in life. I embarked on this small business (excuse me, BIG Business) in June of 2019. Never in a million years would I have thought that social media, video conferencing, and blogging would be the primary mode of communication since we can no longer gather.

This too SHALL pass and we will get to go back to physically socializing. But when we do, platforms via FACECBOOK, TWITTER, ZOOM, and working from home would be our new normal.

With that being said, welcome to my new venture, my new website, my new BIG BUSINESS! Who would have THUNK!


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